Founders Of Cotton Candy Event Staffing Inc. Are Making All The Right Moves Into Entrepreneurship.

Driven. Disciplined. Dedicated. That sums up the dynamic duo of Nicole Pollock and Jorie Brown, owners of Toronto-based Cotton Candy Event Staffing Inc. Former ambassadors and performers for the Toronto Raptors and Toronto Argonauts, these hands-on business partners...
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Meet The Founders Of Boro, The Next Disruptor In Canadian Fashion

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world next to oil. This is largely due to the rise of fast fashion companies like Zara and H&M and a change in individual habits. People in developed countries hold a tendency to wear garments only once...
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Rich in AI leaders, Canada tries to finally cash in

TORONTO — Long before Google started working on cars that drive themselves and Amazon was creating home appliances that talk, a handful of researchers in Canada — backed by the Canadian government and universities — were laying the groundwork for today's boom in...
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Interview With Ulia Koles, Founder of Paperesque & Co.

We've always had the chance to hear about all these success stories of famous celebrities and multi-million dollar companies. And while all those stories are incredible and inspiring there is one thing that The Hustlepreneur loves to hear the most and that is the...
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Every Entrepreneur Should Read These 10 Business Books

Do you know what the wealthiest people in the world have in common? About 88% of them take 30 mins at least a day to read a good book. Reading a book helps you to learn or acquire a new skill that you may not even know had existed. It helps you with your thought...
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