Driven. Disciplined. Dedicated. That sums up the dynamic duo of Nicole Pollock and Jorie Brown, owners of Toronto-based Cotton Candy Event Staffing Inc. Former ambassadors and performers for the Toronto Raptors and Toronto Argonauts, these hands-on business partners are making all the right moves into entrepreneurship. They’ve used their experience, a diverse network of contacts and valuable knowledge to consistently create growth and success for their young enterprise.

Cotton.Candy.HustlepreneurPhoto: Jorie Brown and Nicole Pollock, Cotton Candy Event Staffing Inc.

A boutique promotional staffing company, Cotton Candy Event Staffing Inc. uses the power of people, creative concepts and performers to make long-lasting impressions and to augment the experiential component of many leading consumer brands. The company’s mission is to produce impactful interaction, using unique strategies with a reach and affinity that goes beyond the event.

“When you do something you love, people feel the energy,” says Pollock.

City Moguls Fashion ShowPhoto: Nicole Pollock & Jorie Brown at the City Moguls Fashion Show

After many years of performing at high-profile sports events, Pollock and Brown took their life-long hobby, turned it into a life-changing career and started Cotton Candy Event Staffing Inc. in 2014. Enthusiastic, choreographed and costumed street teams, promotional models, brand ambassadors, dancers, bartenders and specialty and hospitality staff are provided to clients seeking to impact consumers with an enriched brand experience for their products.

“Cotton Candy connects brands with people who are polished, enthusiastic and know how to electrify an event,” says Pollock. Most importantly, they have larger than life personalities that easily create meaningful connections with consumers.” In addition to providing strong frontline teams to create brand awareness, Pollock and Brown also provide internal mentorship and guidance, fostering effective career-building for growth and development of their highly-trained and experienced staff.

Photo: Cotton Candy Baseball

So how does Cotton Candy Event Staffing Inc. acquire business? Thanks to word-of-mouth referrals, a wide social media reach, networking opportunities, access to nationwide talent, stimulating visuals and strong ties to the dance and acting community, Cotton Candy Event Staffing Inc. is primed for long-term success.

“When you do something you love, people feel the energy,” says Pollock. “Social media has been a great platform to share this passion.” The company also takes pride in its charitable initiatives, showcasing a strong corporate social responsibility platform to be proud of.

“We built the company on a solid reputation of integrity, trust and experience,” says Pollock. “Strengthened by genuine relationships, we’re confident people will use our resources to enhance their event or brand activation.”

Entrepreneurial advice from these pros? “Learn everything about every moving part of the business and constantly challenge yourself so you never lose the fire for what you love to do.”


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Business Telephone: +1 (416) 417-0983


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