“Skills are cheap. Passion is priceless.”

– Gary Vaynerchuk ADVERTISE

Founders Of Cotton Candy Event Staffing Inc. Are Making All The Right Moves Into Entrepreneurship.

Driven. Disciplined. Dedicated. That sums up the dynamic duo of Nicole Pollock and Jorie Brown, owners of Toronto-based Cotton Candy Event Staffing Inc. Former ambassadors and performers for the Toronto Raptors and Toronto Argonauts, these hands-on business partners...
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Richard Branson’s 10 Simple Steps To Help You With Your Goals.

Many of us Entrepreneurs have so much ideas that constantly run through our minds on the daily and often times we can forget our ideas, plans and goals. What is the best way to keep track of all of it? Write it down as if it's a to-do list or bucket-list and as you...
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What Are You? An Entrepreneur Or A Wantrepreneur?

90-something % of people claim they are an Entrepreneur but in fact are actual are Wantrepeneurs. What does that mean? Nowadays, there are many people who don't want to climb that corporate ladder or work for these corporate companies. They would prefer to be their...
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It was early last year when it hit me. What the hell am I doing with my life? Why is it that i feel like something is missing? I asked myself a whole bunch of questions. I realized, I am not where I want to be - career wise. I went from job to job. I was always placed...

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