Ok, so I keep neglecting to write something on a daily basis. Thought since my mind is going in too many directions, I might as well get some out and blog it, to clear up some space in my head.

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Each and every writer or artist geared up with even just a little bit ambition and a drive for a lot of head-in-the-clouds dreaminess, has a vision of what a “Artist’s life” really is. For some of us, it’s taking sips of black coffee in a café with your laptop typing away or going through thousands of photos you’ve just taken to edit, the rain thumping the glass or the snow drizzles that fall slowly from the skies hitting the noses of those walking by in the streets from outside. For others, it is a hectic press room or a design agency with the phones going off and co-workers going crazy in the office.
For me, as an individual who absolutely no technical background from school in the field I now currently work in, I just had one picture or vision in my mind of my ideal “Artist’s life.” Nick Sushkevich, Florencia Mazza Ramsey, Tom Hussey and Mitchell Kanashkevich and even our very own Toronto’s Dmitri Markine just to name a few. All these photographers who are extremely passionate about their work. It has become their lives, not a job. It is an emotion, an inspiration, a taste of life, observing of everything that surrounds each one of them, including myself and to become so fascinated and intrigued to make what they see and feel their very own in a touch of a shutter button. Photography is a memory taken, and making it forever yours and knowing that in that very moment, you were once right there in that photo.
 As a fairly wiser 30-year old, I understand now, that as an aspiring artists, we go through alot in life. Not everyone understands or values what we do and why we love it. to them, it’s just a simple photograph taken with fancy equipment and an expensive hobby. It is hard for us to get out and trying to make a decent livelihood. That’s why most of us are known as struggling artist. We dream and see things bigger than we can ever imagine with a low budget wonder. But like those photographers I had mentioned in the paragraph above, they are my inspiration for doing what you love and with a bonus of getting paid for it. I still figure that at some point in time I would love to go to New York and try my hand at my own somewhat modified version of it and most of all travel to exotic places like Thailand, Bali, Serengeti, Mount Merapi, Indonesia, Jaipur India and more to shoot some travel photo-journalistic sets. After a 5 year run in La La Land, I, Cynthia still has decided to see what the other coast has to offer- both in the career market, living possibly and maybe trying to find serenity.

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