For all of us, exercise is important for us and we’ve all heard it. Especially for entrepreneurs and working adults who are at most times, caught up hustling on the daily, meeting project deadlines. Exercise, as we know will benefit us in becoming healthier, boost our energy, help us get better sleep and increase our happiness. However, we tend to put it on the back burner.

Tips for Entrepreneurs Finding The Time to Exercise

Just because you set goals to be healthier, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will take any actions or steps to work towards achieving your goals regularly. It is important for entrepreneurs to have a regular exercise routine as it will help with productivity and give us the energy we need every day on the grind. One of the biggest obstacles for us is time and here you will find tips or ways to find the time to fit space in our busy schedules to exercise.

Morning Exercise

To start, you may want to start waking up a little earlier than usual if you want to pull this off, especially if you’re going to have a busy day. Exercising in the morning is one of the best ways to fit a good workout into your busy schedule. If you’re an early riser, make is a habit of adding a workout routine to your mornings.

Go For A Jog Or Walk During Break Time

Being an entrepreneur has benefits or perks. You have a lot more control with your daily schedule. Choose when and how you spend your time to work. You can use that as an advantage when finding time to exercise. During your break, go for a 10 to 15 min jog or walk. If you have errands to run that are close to your place of work, instead of driving over, walk or ride a bike there.

Make It Social

Every business owner needs a social like to help disconnect from all their projects and tasks and to also help them stay sane. Connect with your friends or accountability partners to exercise together. Plenty of people feel that group classes at the gym help motivate them more to exercise regularly. Working from a home office can get pretty lonely so going outdoors or heading out to the gym with others can be more enjoyable.

Add It To The Calendar

As with any other tasks or meetings that are important. Plan a date to exercise on your calendar. It’s easier to say that you will go to the gym today but it’s hard to actually commit it without having a reminder. Planning when and where ahead of time will ensure you will have the time to commit to a workout that day. Treat it as another important errand for your business. You’ll never really say you don’t have time to meet with your team members or fail to complete a project that is due so don’t mistreat your health as well.


One of the biggest lies you tell yourself is not having any time for putting importance to your health and to exercise. No matter how busy you are building and running a business, there will always be some down time. Question your spare time and if there are any space that you can consider filling in with 30 mins – 1 hour to workout. Once you figure out the best time and days that you can workout, start and commit to it.



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