Marie Forleo, the creator of the award winning online show, Marie TV, the Copy Cure and the founder of B-School. Not only does she have a multimillion dollar company that is focused on women’s desires and needs in life and an explosive global following on social media. She was called the “Leading voice for thought-leaders in the new generation” by Oprah Winfrey. She has been hanging out with Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin to mentor at his Centre of Entrepreneurship . And even interviewed by American businessman, author, and philanthropist, Tony Robbins.

Her mission is to help entrepreneurs change the world by helping to utilize your talents and realizing your greatest potential. She has been in this game of online entrepreneurship so almost 18 years. She wants to help build entrepreneurs not only with a successful online business but by creating a life that you will truly love.

“What I’ve been able to see now, in hindsight, is there is no single opportunity that anyone else can give you that is more important for your success than the small daily actions you must take every day.” – Marie Forleo

Forleo has gone through years of struggle, and even with her own authenticity knocked down over and over again. Yet through those years she has grown, grinding like there is no tomorrow to find what it is that she can create into a serious business.

Marie is an inspiration to listening to your intuition to achieving your success. And that is what she has done for herself. Was it easy? No, she is proof of that. It took her nearly 17 years online to build her brand and now is one of the most influential online business personalities of today.

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