Not ready to leave your job, but also not ready to start up? Here are some ideas that can help you earn some extra money on the side.

1. Remote English teacher

There’s a huge demand for English teachers who have the patience to regularly coach people over Skype. You can easily make upwards of $25 an hour from people in places like Hong Kong on sites like Indeed and Learn4Good.

2. Online dating consultant

Having expert advice for navigating Tinder, OK Cupid, and Coffee Meets Bagel is something many people are willing to pay for. Some of the best dating coaches charge hundreds of dollars an hour for their video coaching.

3. Travel consultant

If you love to travel and find yourself frequently searching for airfare sales or browsing sites like Lonely Planet, try to monetize that knowledge as a travel consultant. Registered advisors can charges upwards of $75 to answer questions.

4. Instagram marketing

If you have a sizable Instagram following, you could be approached by major brands and other businesses with products and services your audience may be interested in. You can charge a fee for featuring their product on your account.

5. Brew your own beer

With patience and persistence, brewing beer yourself could result in a new brand. Pick up a starter kit, like one from Mr. Beer, and get creative about finding a winning flavor combination.

6. Tour guide

If you know your city well and enjoy meeting new people, get the best of both worlds by starting your own local tour business. You can earn hundreds of dollars an hour showing people around.

7. Presentation design consultant

There’s a large market of business people that are more than willing to outsource the design of their PowerPoint presentations. Company Presentation Panda is proof that you can turn your passion for design into a side business.

8. Tutoring

If you had a knack for standardized tests, you’ll find that many parents are eager pay upwards of $100 an hour for the right tutor to help their kids prep for the tests.

9. Teaching online courses

If you have marketable skills as a developer, designer, or online marketer, there’s an online audience who’d be willing to pay for your expertise. Start by testing your way into the market on sites like Udemy or Skillshare then switch platforms as you grow.

10. Buy and sell domain names

Domain trading has been around forever but there’s plenty of domains you can get your hands on for relatively cheap and sell later for a profit.

11. Podcasting

If you can attract a regular audience for your podcast, there’s good money to be made from sponsorships and other digital product offerings– regularly $250 to $500 for 30-second advertisements on relevant podcasts.

12. Refurbishing used electronics

Many people give up on their faulty gadgets without even looking into the cause of their malfunctions. If you have the skills to fix broken electronics, consider refurbishing and reselling other people’s discarded goods on sites like eBay.

13. Tailoring and alterations

If you know how to mend clothes, there’s a growing market of budget-conscious and personalization-obsessed customers readily available.

14. Dog walking

Dog owners are looking for people to take their pets for a walk. Try downloading an on-demand dog walking app to connect with pet owners.

15. Writing college essays

Lots of parents (or students) will pay you to write and edit admissions essays. You can earn anywhere from $15 to $30 per page or hundreds per essay.


Source: Forbes

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