More than half of the Canadian technology companies at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show are from Ontario

This year, 40+ exhibitor booths will be taken up by Ontario-based technology firms, accounting for more than half of the Canadian exhibitors registered for this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017) in Las Vegas.

Here is a look at the Ontario-based exhibitors, including information on how to connect with them and where to find them on the exhibition floor.

Blackberry QNX@ CES 2017

Already in 240+ vehicle models and over 60 million cars, Blackberry QNX has its sights set on being the leading end-to-end software platform provider for the connected car. This year, the Waterloo-based company will showcase the latest in-car cockpit technology, vehicle management, safety and autonomous drive.

Connect with Blackberry QNX on Twitter

Find Blackberry QNX at CES 2017: LVCC, North Hall – 7029

VIXS Systems@ CES 2017

ViXS is a pioneer and market leader in designing media processing semiconductor solutions. A supplier to the world’s top consumer electronics manufacturers, ViXS provides technologies for processing, managing, securing and distributing high quality audio and video.

Connect with ViXS Systems Inc.

Find VIXS Systems at CES 2017: LVCC, South Hall 2 – MP26056

Peraso Technologies @ CES 2017

Peraso Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company that specializes in developing Wireless Gigabit (WiGig) chipsets. Peraso will demonstrate its latest technology at CES 2017, including 4K wireless gaming and wireless networking.

Connect with Peraso Technologies on Twitter

Find Peraso Technologies at CES 2017: Westgate, Hospitality – Westgate Hospitality Suites

Interaxon@ CES 2017

Interaxon is a world leader in sparse electroencephalography (EEG) brain sensing technology and known for its Muse sensory headband. The Muse provides real-time audio and visual feedback on the user’s meditative state, and has potential clinical applications including treatment of ADHD, anxiety and depression.

Connect with Interaxon on Twitter

Find Interaxon at CES 2017: Venetian Tower – Suite 31-212 and Venetian Tower – Suite 31-328

Kiwi Wearable Technologies @ CES 2017

Kiwi is working with large and well-established players to solve problems using artificial intelligence (AI). The company develops software for sensor-based products that is capable of interpreting raw data.

Connect with Kiwi Wearable Technologies on Twitter

Find Kiwi Wearable Technologies at CES 2017: Sands, Halls A-D – 44322 (Health & Wellness Marketplace)

Nanoleaf @ CES 2017

The “smart lighting” maker offers an efficient and sustainable lighting experience that earned Nanoleaf the CES 2017 Innovation Award in the smart home category.

Connect with Nanoleaf on Twitter

Find Nanoleaf at CES 2017: Sands, Halls A-D – 42169

Cognitive Systems @ CES 2017

A product of Waterloo’s “Quantum Valley,” Cognitive Systems uses wireless signals to provide digital security to your home or business.

Connect with Cognitive Systems on Twitter

Find Cognitive Systems at CES 2017: Sands, Halls A-D – 42124 (Smart Home Marketplace)

Espial @ CES 2017

Espial blends web, live TV, video-on-demand, personalization and other advanced features to bring web and over-the-top (OTT) functionality to Pay TV subscribers.

Connect with Espial on Twitter

Find Espial at CES 2017: Venetian Tower, Hospitality – Venetian Palazzo Hospitality Suites

Wattpad @ CES 2017

Launched in 2006, Wattpad has become the world’s largest community of readers and writers, with over 45 million monthly users globally.

Connect with Wattpad on Twitter

Find Wattpad at CES 2017: Aria – H

You.i TV @ CES 2017

You.i TV is the company behind You.i Engine, an application that helps companies create cross platform video media.

Connect with You.i TV on Twitter

Find You.iLabs at CES 2017: Encore, Hospitality Suites – Wynn Encore Hospitality Suites

X-Matik @ CES 2017

X-Matik is an automation company, focused on delivering L3 self-driving technology to cars that don’t have them on-board.

Find X-Matik at CES 2017: Sands, Hall G – 51309 (Eureka Park Marketplace)

Evertz Microsystems @ CES 2017

Evertz is a global manufacturer of broadcast equipment (hardware and software) that delivers content to television sets, on-demand services, WebTV, IPTV and mobile devices.

Connect with Evertz Microsystems on Twitter

Find Evertz Microsystems at CES 2017: LVCC, Central Hall – 18530

iNAGO@ CES 2017

iNAGO develops intelligent, natural-language virtual assistants to help users of cars, smartphones and other smart devices.

Connect with iNAGO on Twitter

Find iNAGO at CES 2017: Westgate, Hospitality – Westgate Hospitality Suites

Toppking Electronics (Shenzhen Yuwohing Electronics Co., Ltd.) @ CES 2017

Toppking specializes in blind spot detection, using sensors and side mirrors with display alert to warn drivers when others vehicles are in their blind spot.

Connect with Toppking on Twitter

Find Toppking at CES 2017: LVCC, North Hall – 6503

Matias @ CES 2017

Matias is a computer accessories company specializing in mechanical keyboards, ergonomic separated keyboards and Bluetooth-enabled, slim aluminum keyboards.

Connect with Matias on Twitter

Find Matias at CES 2017: LVCC, North Hall – 9522 (iProducts Marketplace)

Monitor Audio @ CES 2017

Monitor Audio is a high-end loudspeaker company that provides a wide range of innovative audio solutions.

Connect with Monitor Audio USA on Twitter

Find Monitor Audio USA at CES 2017: Venetian Tower – Suite 29-140

Paradigm Electronics @ CES 2017

Paradigm Electronics designs and manufactures high-quality loudspeakers for audio and home theatre systems. Their products include powered subwoofers, in-wall speakers, audio cables, audio furniture and accessories.

Connect with Paradigm Electronics on Twitter

Find Paradigm Electronics at CES 2017: Venetian Tower – Suite 30-115, Venetian Tower – Suite 30-117

Kevro International@ CES 2017

Kevro International Inc. is an exclusive North American distributor of high-end loudspeakers, electronics and cable.

Find Kevro International at CES 2017: Venetian Tower – Suite 29-140

Cyrus Audio USA @ CES 2017

A British manufacturer of high-performance electronics and audio components, Cyrus produces two- channel and all-in-one systems as well as streaming music players.

Connect with Cyrus Audio USA on Twitter

WHOOSH! @ CES 2017

WHOOSH! is a producer of “tech hygiene products,” claiming to have cleaned more than a million screens since 2013.

Connect with WHOOSH! on Twitter

Find WHOOSH! at CES 2017: LVCC, North Hall – 9113 (iProducts Marketplace)

Libratel @ CES 2017

Libratel is a distributor of cell phone accessories including cases, covers and chargers.

Connect with Libratel on Twitter

Find Libratel at CES 2017: LVCC, South Hall 4 – 35572

iBusiness Magazine @ CES 2017

iBusiness Magazine provides information around enterprise solutions for businesses using cross-platform mobile and desktop technologies like Apple, Microsoft and Google.

Connect with iBusiness Magazine on Twitter

Find iBusiness Magazine at CES 2017: LVCC, South Hall 1 – 22041

Curtis International @ CES 2017

Curtis International manufactures and distributes home electronics and home appliances.

Connect with Curtis International on Twitter

Find Curtis International at CES 2017: LVCC, Central Hall – 12431

Chord Electronics @ CES 2017

Chord Electronics is a British manufacturer of high-end audio products.

Connect with Chord Electronics on Twitter

Find Chord Electronics at CES 2017: Venetian Tower – Suite 34-207

iCreation @ CES 2017

iCreation specializes in the design, manufacturing and support of telecommunications and home security technology.

Connect with iCreation on Twitter

Find iCreation at CES 2017: Sands, Halls A-D – 41151 (Smart Home Marketplace)

XLO Electric

XLO Electric is a manufacturer of cables, cords and accessories for high-end audio.

Find XLO Electric at CES 2017: Venetian Tower – Suite 30-308

ModiFace @ CES 2017

ModiFace works with beauty brands such as Sephora, L’Oreal and Unilever to provide custom web/mobile try-on apps, in-store mirrors and visual e-commerce using augmented reality (AR) technology.

Connect with ModiFace on Twitter

Find ModiFace at CES 2017: LVCC, South Hall 2 – 26621, (Gaming & Virtual Reality Marketplace)

SmoothTalker Mobile Communications @ CES 2017

SmoothTalker manufactures advanced cellular signal boosters that improve cellular coverage or performance for mobile, home, office, marine and M2M(Machine-to-Machine) applications.

Connect with SmoothTalker on Twitter

Find SmoothTalker Mobile Communications at CES 2017: LVCC, South Hall 4 – 35742

Skylink Group @ CES 2017

Skylink Group’s subsidiaries produce a wide variety of electronics including smart home devices and home and auto security.

Connect with Skylink Group on Twitter

Find Skylink Group at CES 2017: Sands, Halls A-D – 41938 (Smart Home Marketplace)

Tyco Security Products @ CES 2017

Tyco Security Products specializes in video security, access control, location-based security and intrusion security products.

Connect with Tyco Security Products on Twitter

Find Tyco Security Products at CES 2017: Booth: Sands, Halls A-D – 41357 (Smart Home Marketplace)

NAD Electronics of America @ CES 2017

NAD’s products include audio and video components for custom installation, home theatre and hi-fi applications including amplifiers, DVD players, AV receivers and tuners.

Connect with NAD Electronics of America on Twitter

Find NAD Electronics of America at CES 2017: Venetian Tower – Suite 30-235

PSB Speakers @ CES 2017

PSB Speakers is a Canadian manufacturer of in-room, in-wall and in-cabinet speakers and subwoofers for audio and home theatre systems.

Connect with PSB Speakers on Twitter

Find PSB Speakers at CES 2017: Booth: Venetian Tower – Suite 30-235

Bluesound @ CES 2017

Bluesound manufactures smart, wireless multi-room speakers for high-quality audio streaming.

Connect with Bluesound on Twitter

Find Bluesound at CES 2017: LVCC, Central Hall – 14546, Venetian Tower – Suite 30-235

Anthem @ CES 2017

Anthem is a manufacturer of high-end electronics for music, home theatre and sound systems.

Connect with Anthem on Twitter

Find Anthem at CES 2017: Venetian Tower – Suite 30-115

Lenbrook Americas and Lenbrook International @CES 2017

Lenbrook Americas is the exclusive North American importer and distributor of NAD Electronics, PSB Speakers and Bluesound.

Find Lenbrook Americas and Lenbrook International at CES 2017: Venetian Tower – Suite 30-235


ZEITDICE makes cameras that are able to capture up to three months on a single battery charge, perfect for creating time-lapse videos.

Connect with ZEITDICE on Twitter

Find Zeitdice at CES 2017: Sands, Hall G – 51844 (Eureka Park Marketplace)

Smart Nora @ CES 2017

Smart Nora is a manufacturer of a non-invasive, smart anti-snoring device.

Connect with Smart Nora on Twitter

Find Smart Nora at CES 2017: Sands, Hall G – 50809 (Eureka Park Marketplace)


Performance Auto & Sound Magazine (PASMAG) covers the latest trends in aftermarket tuning and automotive mobile electronics.

Connect with PASMAG on Twitter

Find PASMAG at CES 2017: LVCC, South Hall 1 – 20426

OWON Technology @ CES 2017

OWON Technology manufactures electronic and computer-related products including smart home technology, M2M wireless technology, embedded computer systems and software application design.

Find OWON Technology at CES 2017: Sands, Halls A-D – 40022 (Smart Home Marketplace)

IsoAcoustics @ CES 2017

IsoAcoustics manufactures isolation products for hi-fi speakers and studio monitors.

Connect with IsoAcoustics on Twitter

Find IsoAcoustics at CES 2017: Venetian Tower – Suite 29-334

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