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If there’s anything I’ve learned about the big decisions, investments and commitments of life, it’s that we want to make the wise decisions, the mature state of being, and do so from the premise that “character is destiny.” In other words, the greatest rewards of life come out of our level of character maturity.

There are no accidents in life. Most times that we are having a hard time, or “bad luck,” the reality is that we are missing something of importance in our habits, or social skills, or our world-view that includes beliefs. It’s all wrapped up in what is called our “character.” And that character has everything to do with a good match with a partner/friend/job/lover that pairs up not just our personalities well, our passions in alignment, but our mutual maturity level, communication, collaboration, and compromises as we mutually go for the same goals in life, out of similar beliefs and values.

This is where “like attracts like”, that our similarities are powerful. Just as importantly, you can know that you know this is your MISSION in life. That is the ultimate question to ask when considering a long term project.

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