It’s New Years Eve, that means it time to set goals for the New Year. Resolutions. So what will it be this year; hit the gym, again, promise yourself a new career, again, maybe even earn more money?

The truth is, most of us end up with the same thing which is… set some goals that will be forgotten about by 2nd week of January, or whenever. Earlier or later. So we have a different approach this year. And some might disagree with us.

Yes, We’ve heard it a plenty times before; the reason we don’t follow to our resolutions & don’t accomplish our set goals is because they are not… well, SMART! – Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic and Timely. And while there is a lot of truth in that, for us it’s only one side of the story.

So this year, we suggest to toss out that Rule Book.

Don’t do anything. Don’t set any goals or resolutions.

And if you must, then let’s decide we make it this: “Give up wanting anything to happen in the New Year.”

And if you have to set a goal, “set a goal to set no goals.”

You think we are crazy! it’s a brand new year, and I need a brand new me

Blah, blah, blah… Forget it. Do you really want to find yourself in exact, same position this time the following year, filling your mind with the same feelings and thoughts, We’d suggest this  instead:

Rather than being in a panic and rushing into setting a resolutions for the New Year or writing a list of so many goals you can start of the New Year, DROP IT! and just enter the brand New Year being absolutely and completely present, and positive about how fucking awesome it’s going to be.

We promise, if you do this, and do your best to maintain this mind-set, you’ll most likely end up doing everything you’re supposed to as and when it’s supposed to be done. Seriously!

Stop thinking to yourself the “I MUST turn all the things you could’ve and should’ve  done this year that you’ll certainly do next year”. Go into the New Year with NO pressure to do anything except to be present, Keep an open-minded to positive change and be compassionate to others around you.

Things will come into place when you start the new year in the right state of mind.

Why keep setting the same resolutions that you have year after year when you don’t end up accomplishing them and just end up with disappointment. This is a quote you should remember, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Well said by Albert Einstein. This just gives a whole lot of negative feelings.

Instead, consider for a moment why you haven’t changed your career, managed that weight, built that empire or start that new hobby you’ve been talking about.

Maybe because you never really wanted to do it, or maybe you were busy prioritizing things that aren’t bringing and soul-satisfying contentment to your being or your life. Maybe you planned on doing things too much that you didn’t get the chance do it.

Think about it. Why is it that for all the motivation you have before the 1st January, you get more unproductive as the year goes on?

We bet you it’s because all those years, you kept setting yourself goals and resolutions that you didn’t exactly know what you really wanted out of your life. You are not doing what you are truly passionate about. maybe you are setting goals that are of other people or because you are told do to so in conformity to societal norms.

Maybe you are trying to fulfil some sort of empty promises to a someone you don’t even know.

So this New Year, it’s now time to make a true and real change. It’s time to take analyze yourself and find out really what it is you want out of your life, not to continue doing what others expect you to do or what you think might make you seem or feel more successful.

Why not by tomorrow, January 1st. You just be you. Simple!

It doesn’t seem like a huge resolution or a long list of goals, but if you think about, it’s actually a massive one! Give it a try.

It doesn’t matter if you follow plenty of rule books or guides to goals, the moment you stop adding pressure to yourself to make resolutions that you aren’t completely committed to, is the moment you give yourself a chance to ahhhhh…breath; to be present enough to the flowers bloom.

That breathing space allows us to see who it is that has been doing all the doing, who it is who has been trying to reach all these goals and get to these moments of self-actualization that never seem to fit the hole.

it’s just another day. New Years or not, once we turn the search towards our inner selves and start truly understanding who you are, the better. This is not just a chance to start all over when Dec 31st comes; it’s so much more than that. We are revitalized, reborn and most importantly, we are free.

Being here and not there, off in our mind’s evaluations and pro-longings all the time, and instead of assuming and predicting how our lives could be, we are knowing, it will you boost to purer awareness of yourself, and opens clear road to be able to see and navigate through life’s rough oceans.

There’s always room for improvement in life. Ofcourse! We never said there wasn’t and absolutely, setting goals is a positive activity. But if you always feel short-changed by your efforts, then we suggest it’s time for you to stop putting force on yourself, stop making empty promises, stop living life through the expectations of those around you. Make friends with yourself.

Empty your glass and feel your way through this New Year. If it feeds your soul, do it. If it makes you want to wake up each morning with a happy smile on your face, carry on.

Be present and let your energy synchronize with the earth and give you the clarity to move forward. Be comfortable & content with yourself. Let your intuition guide you through the new year so that you can attract an abundance of positive opportunity.

From this, the positive changes you need will naturally manifest in your being.

We hope you all have a remarkable New Years Eve! Now, go celebrate, get some drinks and have plenty of pizza!

Here’s a video from Entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk on Resolutions. MUST WATCH


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