Oh yes! Friday also known as the unofficial day to “Slack off” in the office! Most workers are so focused on waiting for that clock to hit 5PM to start off their weekend plans instead of the workload they have sitting on their desks. But as an entrepreneur, most of us who strive to be successful like to think ahead and have a game plan to take care of their business, even into the week’s end.

If you want to have a profitable and productive Monday, here are 5 things that you can start on a Friday afternoon to lay some groundwork.

1. Prime your sales pipeline.

If you have prospects on a list that you have been wanting to contact, then Friday would be a great time to start that connection. Because of it being a Friday, it is most likely that the heads of a department and business owners are relaxing, winding down and will likely be more available to welcome a friendly call to help tie up those final work week hours. Do your best to get their full attention either by phone or email to set up a good and convenient time to meet or talk the following week.

2. Re-connect with past clients.

Just like priming your sales pipeline, use the same principle with your past & current clients that you may not have connected with or heard from in a while. It’s good practice to remind those clients how much you have appreciate and enjoyed working with them in the past. It’s also a good way to open up a suggestion of new and fresh ways that you can be of help for them to be even more successful. Provide them with useful information or let them know what is new within your organization or share an article you think would be beneficial to them.

3. Streamlining the environment you work in.

After a long busy work week, your desk must be cluttered with paper and files that has not found a place to be filed away. Maybe you were meaning to become more organized by finding new and improved ways to clear your space of clutter. Friday afternoons is a great time to organize and straighten out what may have gone out of place during the week. Start filing, prioritize your to-do list and sort calls that you need to make next week. When you do this, you leave your office with a clear desk and a clear mind. By the time Monday arrives, you’re ready to tackle your work week mentally refreshed.

4. Schedule a plan for next week.

Map out the week ahead by taking the time to review your upcoming meetings on your calendar. Is there a new client that you may need to prepare for on Monday? Maybe you have a lead that you wanted to book a business date with. Is there any interesting networking events that are relevant to you that are worth your time? Utilize your Friday to get the small things off your plate. Setting a schedule for yourself will help you run your Monday smoothly.

5. Look at the grand scheme of things.

Use your Friday to reflect on your career or business. Analyze and assess yourself. Take notes of where you are now and where it is you want to go. Set specific and meaningful long term goals. Create a step by step guide to plan out your week ahead that will help you get closer to achieving your goals. To become a successful entrepreneur, you should have a clear vision of your future to ensure your success and it should inspire you to continue to pursue your missions passionately.

Doing these 5 steps on a Friday will allow you to relax during the weekend knowing that you have already put in place a Monday start of the week that will be productive.


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