In high school I wasn’t the smartest student. I hated text books, I cringed at academics, I procrastinated all my homework and studying. For sure i knew I wasn’t planning on being a Doctor or a Lawyer. I grew up around creativity. Music, arts and design oh and sports.  I took up art photography classes and realizing that developing film wasn’t easy. It took a bit of time to learn, though now practically over a decade, I rather work quicker and develop in a digital darkroom, it’s a lot more fun and there’s a lot more you can do with each image. I have been independent in my development as an amateur photographer learning from others and practicing techniques on my own, watching youtube and googling tutorials and so on. The tools out there to learn this craft are almost limitless now more than ever and it only challenges one to be better even on the smallest budgets.

Many people think that to become the best is when you have top of the line camera gear. When one says, “Oh, I really like your camera or you need this better camera…,” when referring to taking great pictures, I just laugh inside. I am not saying that I am great. What one must realize is that the camera is just a box that lets in light on film or sensor. It doesn’t make you a great photographer. Having the best lenses or lighting doesn’t make you a great photographer either. It’s how we use these tools and how creative we are with them that makes a photographer’s images stand out.

The only difference between a photography enthusiast or amateur and a professional photographer is that the professional has made it their profession. When I say I am a professional photographer, freelance photographer, etc, I mean that I am doing this as a living to support myself and my future family.

I really enjoy what I do and I enjoy making others happy. Capturing those unique moments of raw emotion is what makes this worthwhile for me. It gives me pleasure to know that I was part of the moment and the feelings of each expression caught. I live on memories, good and bad. I thrive on happiness. This is what makes photography inspiring to me.


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