Living by comparison is fatal vision, for always there will be those who appear better off and worse off than ourselves at any given moment in time.

In truth, there is no such distinction as superior and subordinate. We all have unique talents that will blossom and flourish when nurtured.

In past decades, there was a more “look out for number one” and “don’t bring in people who might want your job” style of leadership. You generally would hire those people who would do as they were told and who wouldn’t challenge your ideas or authority. This type of thinking led to bulging bureaucracies and mediocre middle management that accomplished little.

This mind-set also created a scarcity mentality that there wasn’t enough to go around: so don’t share ideas, don’t brainstorm with others who might steal your concepts, and above all, don’t help your coworkers or employees succeed.We have seen that this approach clearly will NOT work in the global marketplace of the knowledge age.

Today the challenge is to establish networks, strategic alliances, synergistic relationships, and ad hoc teams to solve problems and help everyone accomplish their goals. You now look for those people who are not satisfied with the status quo, who are striving for excellence and have talents and abilities that you don’t.

This requires that you “check your ego at the door” and that you don’t get intimidated by others who may have different talents or strengths than you do. This is what synergy is all about. As we value the differences and look at truly working together, one plus one really can equal three  or even more.

This week, focus on “working with others” rather than“competing against others.”


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