"If you want to unlock the most progress for the most people, start by investing in women and girls."

- Melinda Gates

Fashion, Philanthropy & Entrepreneurship. This is Toronto’s, City MOGULS.

They’ve got a passion for fashion, music and dance. And it’s their spirit for giving back to the community that drives the philanthropic endeavours of City MOGULS, a Toronto-based charity event. City MOGULS is run by a production team of professional dancers and event...

Who is Marie Forleo?

Marie Forleo, the creator of the award winning online show, Marie TV, the Copy Cure and the founder of B-School. Not only does she have a multimillion dollar company that is focused on women's desires and needs in life and an explosive global following on social...

For Canada To Succeed On The Global Stage, We Need More Women Tech Leaders

For Canada To Succeed On The Global Stage, We Need More Women Tech Leaders. Picture a tech leader in your mind. I’ll bet you see a man. That stereotype is common and reflects some startling facts. Only about 3 per cent of tech CEOs are women and less than a quarter of...


It was early last year when it hit me. What the hell am I doing with my life? Why is it that i feel like something is missing? I asked myself a whole bunch of questions. I realized, I am not where I want to be - career wise. I went from job to job. I was always placed...

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